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Head Shot-croppedKaren A. Anderson
Soaring To Hope
Speaker – Chaplain – Author – Mentor


Several years ago Karen Anderson miraculously survived a head-on collision. Doctors confirmed that severe and “incurable” nerve damage had robbed her of the use of her hands. With unrelenting determination and a profound faith in God’s ability to heal, Karen turned her life around, regained the use of her hands and became pain-free. She, personally, has dealt with the emotional trauma of living with others that suffer from their issues of addictions to emotional abuse. As a result of these experiences, she has chosen to help you “LET GO” of your dark side (addictions of any kind). Karen’s strong faith and passion for life has helped others to experience freedom from the “fear within.”

An Author, her books include “Nikki’s Tail-Waggin’ Lessons,” and the series “The Little Book of BIG Thoughts.” Her articles have been published in several newspapers and have even been published as far as Kenya and Australia. Through her company, “Soaring To Hope,” her writings and live events empower and encourage women to rise above their storms. She believes that now is the time to move from times of life-gripping fear to an empowered life of faith and hope in this crazy world.


Debra--color in fuzzy vestDebra-Diane McDonnell
Dancing In The Rain Ministries
Chaplain — Minister/Celebrant – Speaker — Author


Debra-Diane is a survivor of a 34-year abusive marriage, which has made her stronger by knowing that only God saw her through those times. She has a passion for the future leaders of this great nation and wants to help them know that they, too, can “do all things through Christ” who will strengthen them. She is an accomplished musician, published author and a member of “Who’s Who in American Women, 1985″ as well as a Certified Chaplain. She lives her life with deep dependence on God and finds the humor in every situation and shares that with all around her. As a home-school educator of a Valedictorian, she is eager to train others to be “armored and dangerous” to survive this world we live in. Her primary business is “Dancing in the Rain Ministries” (DITR) where her focus is to help women not be upset when it rains in their life, but to learn to go out and dance in those showers. Her emblem is the Butterfly, because of the struggle we all have when we are “caterpillars” of the world before we become the beautiful butterflies once we are transformed by accepting Jesus Christ into our lives. She publishes a daily “Butterfly Thought” as inspiration to others. She is also a full-time student at Ohio Christian University, where she recently made the Dean’s List, studying for her Associates Degree in Religion with Pastoral Ministry Concentration.


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