V8 Moments

When I received the news that my friend had died, I was speechless. I was studying and had my books and various Bibles spread out on my coffee tabke. I naturally turned to God’s Word. I grew more and more frustrated, and in a sweeping motion, I cleared all books to floor, Bibles and Chaplain Resource material alike. I knew I needed to TALK to God and it wasn’t going to be a very nice conversation.

“Yo God, You up there?”

“‘Sup, girl?”

“You and I need to have ourselves a ‘clarifying conversation.'”

“OK, I’m listening.”

“I need you to explain something to me!

Avrey Walker // 10 years old // Leukemia. Delaney Brown // 8 years old // Leukemia. Karen Smith // 46 years old // cancer. And You took them all.

They all knew and loved You, worshipped You. Hundreds and thousands of people praying for them…couldn’t You have done just ONE miracle among them? No…You took them all. And then there’s Betsy over in Hawaii. 66 years old. Non-Hodgkins Lymphona. Doesn’t know you. Doesn’t have ANY DESIRE to make your aquaintence. Thinks You and all religion are the scourge of the earth. And what have You done with her? You have spared her; you are are dissolving her tumor.

Can you tell me WHY??? This “inquiring mind” really wants to know!”

“OK, I get that. It’s OK to ask why. What does My Word say?”

I look at my mess on the floor. “Uh, could you be a little more specific??? There’s a LOT of stuff in your Word!”

“Go pick up one of the Bibles.” “Which one?” “Doesn’t matter.”

So I picked one up. It was open in Matthew. “So where am I supposed to look?” “Just read.” So I come to Matthew 9: 12 & 13…you all know what it says: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” So I had what I call a “V-8 Moment.” OK, Now I understand. Just out of curiosity, I picked up a different Bible; it was open to Mark. So I let my eyes wander, and there is Mark 2:17: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” Oh yes. Now I truly understand.

Avrey, Delaney and Karen all knew where they were going when they left this world. It would be a nano-second after they closed their eyes until they opened them in the presence of Jesus Christ! And we will be coming to join them at that same, glorious moment! That’s why they were taken; they had no fear, only that unspeakable joy! Betsy? Well, she is headed for the hot place unless she comes to know Jesus, so that is why she has been spared; to give her the TIME to make that choice.

I didn’t look at the rest of my Bible’s, but I am sure they all would have pointed to this same information for me.

It IS ok to ask Why; He WILL answer. And knowing the answer brought me comfort.

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